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.bat for Windows, .sh for everyone else
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This is a template project designed for people taking [Creative Scala][creative-scala].
-Fork or clone this template. Then run `sbt.bat` (OS X and Linux) or `sbt.sh` to get coding!
+Fork or clone this template. (What's the difference? If you fork this repository you get your own copy on Github. You can then clone that repository to get a copy on your computer and save work back to your fork on Github and share it with other programmers. If you clone this repository without forking you get a copy on your computer but no copy on Github that you can save work back to and share.)
+Then run `sbt.sh` (OS X and Linux) or `sbt.bat` (Windows) to start SBT.
+Finally type `console` in SBT and then type `Example.image.draw`. If you see a picture of three nested circles everything is working well.
+You can edit the file `Example.scala` to create your own code. See [Creative Scala][creative-scala] for more!
[creative-scala]: http://underscore.io/training/courses/creative-scala/