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Update intructions to run a single test
I removed the `|` part, it's not possible anymore right?
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@@ -80,10 +80,9 @@ This might be aliased in the future. It is also possible to run tests filtered
by using:
-> filterTest .*i2147.scala
+> vulpix i2147.scala
This will run both the test `./tests/pos/i2147.scala` and
-`./tests/partest-test/i2147.scala` since both of these match the given regular
-expression. This also means that you could run `filterTest .*` to run all
-integration tests.
+`./tests/partest-test/i2147.scala` since both of these match the given string.
+This also means that you could run `vulpix` with no arguments to run all integration tests.
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@@ -57,20 +57,15 @@ $ sbt
To test a specific test tests/x/y.scala (for example tests/pos/t210.scala):
-> filterTest .*pos/t210.scala
+> vulpix pos/t210.scala
-The filterTest task takes a regular expression as its argument. For example,
-you could run a negative and a positive test with:
+The `vulpix` task uses its argument for a substring test. For example, you
+could run both a negative and a positive test with the same name
+(`pos/i2101.scala` & `neg/i2101.scala`):
-> filterTest (.*pos/t697.scala)|(.*neg/i2101.scala)
-or if they have the same name, the equivalent can be achieved with:
-> filterTest .*/i2101.scala
+> vulpix i2101.scala
## Inspecting Trees with Type Stealer ##