beliefsFast exact inference for Bayesian Networks with deterministic conditional probab...23 monthssummarylogtree
best-practices🤝 Write shareable code 🤝 23 monthssummarylogtree
driver-coreMulti-cloud utilities and service initialization framework. 23 monthssummarylogtree
rest-queryAllows to read queries from the REST requests (query parameters) and map them to...23 monthssummarylogtree
sbt-settingssbt plugin for common build settings used at Driver 23 monthssummarylogtree
slick-codegen-pluginPlugin for using Driver's customized Slick schema code generator. 23 monthssummarylogtree
spn-combinatory-logicAn exercise for Scala Puzzle Night: Combinatory Logic 23 monthssummarylogtree
spray-json-derivationEasy JSON formats for any case classes, for Scala, ScalaJS and Scala Native 23 monthssummarylogtree
tracingLibrary for reporting service call traces 23 monthssummarylogtree
Johanna-OderskyJohanna Odersky 23 monthssummarylogtree
KamonDistributed Tracing, Metrics and Context Propagation for application running on ...23 monthssummarylogtree
aceArduino Communication protocol, Ensured (ACE) 23 monthssummarylogtree
akka-serialReactive serial communication library for Akka and Scala. 16 monthssummarylogtree
byspelDemo webapp using Akka HTTP, Slick and Sqitch, and showcasing native Debian and ...23 monthssummarylogtree
caskCask: a Scala HTTP micro-framework 16 monthssummarylogtree
cbtCBT - fun, fast, intuitive, compositional, statically checked builds written in ...23 monthssummarylogtree
codenameSmall utility to generate code names, suitable for placeholders of project names...23 monthssummarylogtree
commandoPragmatic command line parsing 16 monthssummarylogtree
coursier-kill-metalsExample project to demonstrate a bug in metals 23 monthssummarylogtree
crashbox-cinull 23 monthssummarylogtree
creative-scala-templateTemplate for those following Creative Scala 23 monthssummarylogtree
dotfilesHome configuration files and scripts. 16 monthssummarylogtree
dottyResearch platform for new language concepts and compiler technologies for Scala....23 monthssummarylogtree
driver-coreMulti-cloud utilities and service initialization framework. 23 monthssummarylogtree
dummynull 23 monthssummarylogtree
escaleLightweight channels on top of scala-async 23 monthssummarylogtree
ghstreamnull 23 monthssummarylogtree
gjavahnull 16 monthssummarylogtree
hands-on-scala-jsBetter documentation for Scala.js 23 monthssummarylogtree
identiconStandalone implementation of identicons, similar to the ones used on GitHub 23 monthssummarylogtree
infraScripts for managing various infrastructure 23 monthssummarylogtree
k8055Library for the Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Board 23 monthssummarylogtree
kubernetes-kafkaKafka cluster as Kubernetes StatefulSet, plain manifests and config 23 monthssummarylogtree
magnoliaA better generic macro for Scala 23 monthssummarylogtree
metamorphicnull 23 monthssummarylogtree
millYour shiny new Java/Scala build tool! 16 monthssummarylogtree
muxA realtime, preemptive kernel for 8-bit AVR microcontrollers. 23 monthssummarylogtree
nginx-letsencryptSimplify the process of setting up nginx with letsencrypt in a managed configura...23 monthssummarylogtree
nuttxPort of the Nuttx operating system ( to the Kinetis K20 ar...23 monthssummarylogtree
pistrap-debianCreate a bootable Debian SD card for the RaspberryPi 2. 23 monthssummarylogtree
play-scalajs-chatnull 23 monthssummarylogtree
protobufProtocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format 23 monthssummarylogtree
protomacroMacro-based typeclass derivation for Scala. 23 monthssummarylogtree
rpi2-gen-image Advanced debian "jessie" bootstrap script for RPi2 23 monthssummarylogtree
rpi2-mkrootSuite of utilities to build Debian root filesystems and bootable images for the ...23 monthssummarylogtree
sbt-boilerplatesbt plugin for generating scala.Tuple/Function related boilerplate code 23 monthssummarylogtree
sbt-gpgSimple and secure artifact signing for sbt. 16 monthssummarylogtree
sbt-jnisbt plugin to ease working with JNI 16 monthssummarylogtree
scalaThe Scala programming language 23 monthssummarylogtree
scala-asyncAn asynchronous programming facility for Scala 23 monthssummarylogtree